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Buy cryptocurrency the safest and smartest way

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Meet Bitcoin ATM

Bitcoin ATM is Africa's first-ever cryptocurrency kiosks that allow you to purchase in cryptocurrency with cash.


Within minutes, you can easily invest in one of our available cryptos and join the 300 million cryptocurrency users worldwide.

Secure Transactions

Bitcoin ATM uses advanced Blockchain technology to ensure your money is safe at every step along the purchasing cycle.

Bitcoin & Beyond

With Bitcoin ATM, you are able to purchase multiple cryptocurrencies that include Bitcoin and Ethereum. Contact us if there is a specific crypto you'd like to purchase.

Easy to Use

Buying cryptocurrency has never been easier with our user-friendly machines that transform your cash into crypto.

Personalised Customer Service

Our team of crypto experts are here to support you in buying cryptocurrency.

Contact us on our website or through our in-kiosk help desk for friendly and helpful service. 


How Bitcoin ATM Works

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